Summit Smiles Kids Club

Not all patients may be ready to start treatment immediately after their initial consultation in our office.


These patients are placed on a 6 month or 12 month recall schedule until they are ready to start treatment.  These recall appointments allow Dr. Wiggins to monitor tooth eruption, skeletal growth patterns, and functional developments (such as crossbites).


These visits are always complimentary as well as any x-rays deemed necessary by Dr. Wiggins. 

We will always send new x-rays to your general dentist and inform them when the patient is ready to start treatment.

This recall or "observation" schedule allows Dr. Wiggins to begin orthodontic treatment at the best time for your child's specific orthodontic needs. 

Dr. Wiggins may not recommend a Phase I treatment for every patient. However, it is always important to maintain this recall schedule until your child is ready for treatment.

Thank you in advance for sending us your observation age patient (age seven and up) and helping us start them on their way to a healthier, happier smile.  We appreciate your partnership and are thrilled to work with you in creating smiles! Because at Summit Orthodontics, it truly is All About Your Smile.